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Who is NetVirta?

A rising leader in the 3D body-scanning industry passionate about changing the future of fit.

Company Background

Operating since 2013, NetVirta originally built its technology for the most discerning customers - doctors demanding medical-grade accuracy. Using our technology, clinicians all over the world scan their patients to inform the production of custom orthotics and prosthetics. This technology soon made its way into the sports equipment industry, allowing for the creation of custom-fit football helmets.

Recently, NetVirta has expanded their reach into markets in need of better sizing tools. With a 40+ person team, 90% of which are computer scientists and engineers, we continue to act as a leader in the 3D-body scanning industry and are passionate about innovating 3D scanning technology to eventually improve the overall customer buying experience.

NetVirta is headquartered in downtown Boston and Singapore.

Company History


Recieved FDA Class II Approval and entered the custom orthotics & prosthetics market


Partnering with clothing & footwear brands to bring a better fit to their customers


Partnered with Riddell to aid in the creation of custom football helmets


Founded by two MIT PHD/MS graduates, Jeff Chen and

Andy Eow

The NetVirta Team