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Meeting All Your 3D Scanning Needs

NetVirta offers an array of solutions, including full-body, foot, and head scanning apps used both in stores and within the customer's home.

NetVirta's Offerings

Accurate, smartphone-based,

3D scanning application

3D Scanning App

Consumer-facing widget allowing brands to recommend sizes and styles to their customers

eCommerce Plug-In

Company-facing web portal

allows brands to manage their customer's 3D body data

Customer Intelligence

We work with brands to build brand-specific size and style recommendation engines


Help a brand scale custom-fit offerings by easily collecting customer's body data


NetVirta's Scanning Capabilities

Our full-body scanning app is a user friendly, self scan that creates a true-to-size 3D model. Using the 3D model, we are able to pull any and all body measurements used for fitting apparel.

Full Body

NetVirta offers two foot scanning solutions, one for in-store applications and one for at-home.


Our medical-grade head scanning app is used in conjunction with a head sleeve and achieves scanning accuracy of up to .5 mm. This app is currently used to aid in the creation of custom head orthotics and sports helmets.


NetVirta's Scanning Apps

NetVirta offers a variety of scanning applications and works directly with brands to customize a solution that works best for their business case.

Full-Body Scanning App

At-Home Foot Scanning App

In-Store Foot Scanning App

Head Scanning App



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