Verifyt Platform

Our end-to-end solution integrates with your company's business processes. We work with you to select and adapt the Verifyt modules to your specific needs.

Automatic Measurement Extraction

Pulls key measurements from the 3D model into our online CAD module.

No need for manual noise cleanup by an engineer which increases costs & time.

Scale-accurate models enable you to build custom products or recommend the best style & size.


Computer-Aided Design

With a CAD Suite integrated into our web portal, you get convenient access to your customers’ 3D models for measurement extraction & quality control.

Easily pan, zoom, rotate & translate a customer’s 3D model.


Order Management

Our web portal is customized for each client’s desired input fields & customer experience.

Direct submission from the portal to your manufacturing & order tracking systems streamlines the process.


Fit Simulation

Compare 3D models to highlight differences & overlaps.

Calibrate simulations to determine fit or highlight pressure points.


Computer-Aided Manufacturing

Automates manufacturing preparation steps to speed creation of parts for custom-fit products based on the 3D model.


Data Analytics

Mine customer 3D models & data for insights to improve product development, targeted marketing and customer service.


3D Database Management

Customized web portal to manage customer data & 3D models.

Easily categorize, filter, and search 3D models, measurements and related customer data.