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A 3D scanning app and end-to-end platform that helps your customers find the right size, while helping you reduce returns and increase brand loyalty

We Know Fit

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Verifyt Logo.png

Our Verifyt app is predicated on the world's only FDA approved smartphone-based 3D body shape scanning technology 


Our patented computer vision and machine learning algorithms derive a shopper's true 3D body shape using a smartphone camera in under a minute - no special smartphone required


We work with some of the biggest names in apparel & footwear retail solving for the hardest to fit categories

Why is 3D Scanning the Future of Fit Technology?

Verifyt® for Apparel

  • Our size recommendations are product-specific and based on a customer's unique body shape, ensuring accuracy even if a brand's sizing varies from product to product

  • No human error or bias involved - computer vision tech means no need for self-measuring or self-reporting on body shape, which has proven to be unreliable

  • Aggregates real customer body data to improve sizing standards and inclusivity

  • Custom-fit made easy - quickly obtain shoppers' measurements for custom and made-to-measure clothing

  • Only 3D scanning can enable virtual try-on in the future


Verifyt® for Footwear

  • Our size recommendations are product-specific and based on a customer's unique foot shape, which ensures accuracy even if a brand's sizing varies from product to product

  • Addresses the key to shoe fit (ball and heel orientation) for the highest level of precision

  • Aggregates real customer foot scan data to develop and offer a variety of shoe widths

  • Custom-fit made easy - all feet are unique, and only 3D scanning can capture foot shapes and measurements to offer personalized shoes

Try 3D Scanning for free

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How Does Verifyt® Compare?

Check out how Verifyt® stacks up against other fit recommendation technologies

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The Power of Customer Body Data

With our Verifyt® BI Portal, use 3D body data analytics to improve product fit and streamline digital product creation


Product Development and Design

  • Build data libraries of fit avatars

  • Verify garment design and fit by exporting avatars into 3D fashion design software

  • Eliminate costs of physical fittings and samplings

  • Expedite product lifecycle

  • Optimize fit & sizing strategies (i.e., grading standards)


  • Satisfy customer demand for personalized shopping experiences

  • Personalize marketing campaigns based on customer's size and fit profiles

  • Advance your leadership in technology, product customization, and digital shopping experience while championing size inclusivity and sustainability 

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