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Who We Are 

We are the creators of Verifyt, the world’s leading fit technology for retail, medical and sports equipment brands. The NetVirta team is full of passionate and dedicated people who strive to help humans of all shapes and sizes find the perfect fitting products. We’re research scientists, we’re engineers, we’re designers, we’re marketers... and we’re all here to help propel e-commerce brands into the future.


Our mission is to satisfy the world's desire for better fitting products


What We Do 

We reduce returns, increase conversions, and ensure your customers feel great in your products, thanks to the perfect fit.

Our Verifyt 3D scanning and size recommendation tool allows customers to scan their body and receive an accurate size recommendation in under a minute. Our BI Portal powers your business with 3D body data, so you can improve your product fit and sizing standards to be more inclusive.

Our Story




When Jeff Chen and Andy Eow met on their first day at MIT in 2008, they realized a shared passion for computer vision, deep learning, and a desire to change the world. They set out to develop a prototype that allowed users to 3D scan their bodies with a smartphone camera, and searched for the best initial application for the tech. After a bad online shopping experience with an expensive pair of running shoes that didn’t fit, Jeff and Andy realized there was a glaring need for 3D scanning technology in the fashion industry, but the market wasn’t ready yet.  




The medical industry, on the other hand, had an immediate need for this technology (think: prosthetic limbs, custom orthotics, and cranial remolding helmets for babies), so Jeff and Andy focused their efforts there first. In 2013, they introduced CurveCapture®, NetVirta’s inaugural scanning app for the medical market, which achieved FDA clearance and now provides thousands of physicians across 13 countries with the ability to scan their patients using a smartphone. In 2017, the team developed a mobile app for Riddell to scan NFL players’ heads for custom-fit helmets.  




Staying true to Jeff and Andy’s original ‘ah-ha’ moment, NetVirta expanded its services in 2020 to meet the needs of apparel and footwear brands. We developed Verifyt®, a consumer-facing fit technology that allows anyone to 3D scan their feet and full body from the privacy of their homes. 

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Today, NetVirta is revolutionizing the way the world shops. Our retail-oriented Verifyt® solution helps consumers order the right size, helps brands reduce returns, and enables the fashion industry to better support all body types. Thanks to years of perfecting the technology within the very demanding medical industry and a team obsessed with innovation, ours is the only fit technology you can trust to provide accurate size recommendations. But we believe all that is just the tip of the iceberg. In the future, NetVirta aims to unlock all the possibilities that smartphone-based 3D body scanning technology can offer. From virtual try-on to fitness to the metaverse and much more, stay tuned for what’s to come.  We’re just getting started. 




Meet the Team


Jeff Chen

CEO & Co-Founder
As CEO, Jeff sets NetVirta’s overall strategy and oversees global operations to ensure the future success of the company. Before NetVirta, Jeff attended MIT where he completed his Ph.D in electrical engineering and computer science, and founded the company alongside fellow classmate, Andy.

Jeff also holds a minor degree in Business Administration from Sloan School of Management, and has published 13 journal papers, 36 conference papers, and holds 5 patents.

Andy Eow

CTO & Co-Founder
As CTO, Andy leads NetVirta’s global R&D efforts. He brings with him more than a decade of experience in computational modelling, from his work building high-frequency model-based trading strategies on Wall Street, as well as his graduate research in constructing patient-specific 3D models for pediatric neuro-surgical planning.

Prior to co-founding NetVirta, Andy earned his Master’s degree in Computer Science from MIT and his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Economics from Carnegie Mellon University.

Andy holds 5 patents. 

Cameron Armstrong

Director, Business & Product Development

Julia Barry

Director, Marketing

Lexi Gill

Manager, Business & Product Development

Singapore R&D Team

NetVirta's very own engineers and computer science experts

Company Information

NetVirta Office Locations
United States
53 State Street
Boston, MA 0209, USA
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456 Alexandra Road
Singapore 119962
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