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On Demand Webinar

Transforming the fashion industry:


NetVirta introduces Verifyt, an unparalled 3D fit technology app

What you'll discover:

  • Insights from an eComm veteran on current challenges in eCommerce

  • How 3D scanning can help increase online version rates and reduce returns related to fit

  • Criteria brands and retailers should use in selecting new technology partners

  • 3D scanning and the future of product design and mass customization

  • Reducing fashion waste with 3D scanning

  • Demo of Verifyt full body and foot scanning app

Main Speakers

Jeff Head Shot 2.jpg

Jeff Chen

Founder, CEO of NetVirta

Cameron Head Shot 2.jpg

Cameron Armstrong

Director of Business Development, NetVirta

Lexi Head Shot 2.jpg

Lexi Gill

Manager of Business and Product Development, NetVirta

Guest Speakers

Artboard 2_2x.png

Bjorn Bengtsson

Adjunct Professor at Parsons School of Fashion

Artboard 3_2x.png

Jeff Kantor

Partner of JAK consulting,
former president of


to watch this webinar on-demand

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Introducing the new Verifyt 3D body scan. 

New Bra

Why bra sizing is so tricky, and how 3D scanning can help. 

Image by Ana GG

How a medical background and 375 million data points affords you best-in-class sizing accuracy.

Image by Noah Buscher

The fashion industry is no longer turning a blind eye to the pressing issue of sustainability.

IMOTANA blog.png

How a custom-fit soccer cleat company leverages Verifyt to achieve a 5% return rate.


NetVirta’s Verifyt® solution works like magic for bra sizing.


With 3D scanning, made-to-measure clothing can finally become scalable.

Meet the co-founders.jpg

When Jeff Chen (CEO & Co-Founder) and Andy Eow (CTO & Co-Founder) met on their first day at MIT in 2008, they were determined to build something exceptional. The two graduate students shared a passion for com...

Forbes-Guide to inclusive sizing.jpeg

Your Guide To Inclusive Sizing In Fashion

This guide highlights some of the challenges clothing brands face today with inclusive sizing, the implications of taking “short cuts," proposed solutions and their benefits, and the future of inclusive sizing in fashion...

Screenshot 2021-09-17 at 12.43.30 PM.png

How Retail Brands Can Work To Reduce Returns

Five billion pounds of retail returns end up in landfills, which is equivalent to the amount of trash made by 5 million Americans, according to a 2017...

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