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Verifyt® Teams

If your business caters to sports teams (with the exception of direct-to-consumer),

Verifyt® Teams can support your custom equipment needs  

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NFL, NCAA, and High School teams trust Verifyt® head scanning technology to create custom-fit helmets.

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Case Study

Since 1939, Riddell has been the world's leading football helmet manufacturer, providing advanced player head protection for athletes at all levels, including NFL, college, and high school.
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The Challenge

Riddell Precision-Fit technology debuted in 2017 and quickly became the industry-leading helmet offering for NFL and elite NCAA programs because of its best-in-class interior fit and protection system. In fact, their Precision-Fit helmets are custom-fit to players heads, which not only makes them extremely comfortable but also beneficial to player performance. Riddell deployed 3D depth-based scanning devices to sales representatives to capture players head shapes and ultimately create the custom-fit football helmets.

Riddell’s goal, however, is and has always been to deliver elite player protection to athletes everywhere, so it was important for them to be able to extend their Precision-Fit helmet offering to all levels of competition, including smaller college programs and high schools. But reaching these markers would require Riddell to significantly increase their number of depth-based scanning devices. This initiative was going to be expensive and operationally challenging because it required extensive sales rep training.

The Solution

In 2019, Riddell turned to NetVirta’s Verifyt® Teams app for the following reasons:


  • Cost and Accessibility: Instead of ordering additional laser scanning hardware devices, Riddell sales reps could use their iOS or Android devices to scan players heads.

  • Accuracy: Verifyt® scanning accuracy it +/- 0,44mm, more accurate than their depth-based scanning technology

  • Operational Efficiency: Verifyt® head scanning is fast and easy to perform, and the Teams App contains team and player management functionality

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In summary, Riddell expanded their offering beyond NFL and elite NCAA programs to smaller programs and high school markets, while simultaneously becoming more effective from a cost and operational perspective. Moving forward, Riddell will expand the program to more high school programs and soon, youth football players.

App Features

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  • Head and face scanning

  • Accuracy up to 0.5mm

  • iOS and Android compatibility

  • Team and player management functionality

  • Order management functionality

  • Offline mode - allows for scanning in locations without WIFI access

Netvirta’s mobile scanning technology has enabled us to deliver Riddell’s patented Precision-Fit process to the broader football playing public, and the customization of NetVirta’s innovative Verifyt platform has allowed us to reimagine the football helmet fitting process, providing an elite-level experience for players at all levels

Thad Ide


Senior Vice President of Research and Product Development for riddell


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