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Welcome to the Future of Fit Technology

Introducing the new Verifyt 3D body scan.

NetVirta’s dream has always been to satisfy the world’s desire for better fitting products.  

Our journey began helping parents get their babies fitted for corrective cranial orthotics, and helping army veterans receive life-changing prosthetics.  

We then adapted our solution to enhance player performance and safety in American football. Together with Riddell, we’ve equipped over 50,000 athletes across all levels (NFL, NCAA and high school) with state-of-the art, custom-fit helmets. 

When we ventured into the fashion industry, however, new challenges arose. We could no longer rely on a trained physician or equipment manager to 3D scan the end-customer. People who shop online often do so while they’re alone, so in addition to maintaining near medical-grade accuracy, our body scan had to be extremely easy to use. Developing a solution like this is extremely difficult, as all who’ve attempted are acutely aware. This week, however, our solution is finally ready.   

We’re thrilled to unveil our new and improved Verifyt 3D body scan. Never has there been an easier, more accurate way to measure yourself at home. And unlike most scanning apps, everyone can use it, as ours is compatible with all iOS & Android devices released since 2017. 

We’re ready to put the days of ill-fitting products, bracketing, and excess inventory from sizing-related returns behind us. Check out the scan and see how simple it is!


Reach out to learn more or start your free 30-day trial today:   


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