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Say Goodbye to Bras That Don't Fit

NetVirta’s Verifyt® solution works like magic for bra sizing.

Woman receiving a bra size recommendation from the Verifyt app.

The frustrations of bra shopping are all too familiar for most women – not knowing what size to order online, the disappointment of an imperfect fit, and the hassle of dealing with returns. The good news is that we have a solution to address all these pain points.

After partnering with Victoria’s Secret, NetVirta has emerged as a top fit technology provider for bra sizing. We help shoppers find the right size using mobile 3D body scanning technology, which anyone from the comfort of their home. CEO Jeff Chen discusses the technology’s impact on the bra shopping experience and how the pieces came together.

Why is the bra industry a good fit for your tech?

Every woman knows how challenging it is to find a bra that fits her well, especially when shopping online. Bra sizing is an intimate fit experience, and precision is crucial – the smallest error in measurements can make a big difference in how a bra fits. In the past, shopping in person was the only way to guarantee a customer would select the right size, but that’s no longer the only option. Our technology eliminates the guesswork from online shopping, allowing for the same level of confidence you’d have when visiting a store. As one of the hardest-to-fit categories in retail, the bra industry is a perfect fit for us (no pun intended!). Refining our tech for bras means that we are equipped to handle virtually any other intimates or apparel category with unrivaled accuracy.

So how does the technology work?

Simply put, we use patented computer vision and machine learning algorithms to derive a person’s 3D body shape using only a smartphone camera. A user scans themself with the Verifyt® app (a process that takes under a minute), and they can immediately see their measurements and 3D body shape. If customers connect their Verifyt® profile to brands that subscribe to Verifyt®, they will receive a size recommendation for any product they browse, so they can shop with confidence knowing they’ve selected the correct size.

What value do you provide customers who scan themselves?

Aside from the obvious (helping people find the right size), we open the door to a far more inclusive approach to intimates, apparel, and footwear sizing. Anyone who owns a smartphone can use our technology from the privacy of their home. Customers can find their measurements regardless of their body shape and size, and brands can use this information to adapt their sizing and be more inclusive to a diverse range of body types. By helping customers get their size right the first time, we’re also saving people the hassle of returns and helping the planet by reducing waste. Per an Optoro impact report, 9.6 billion pounds of returns ended up in landfills across the U.S. in 2021 alone. We are determined to help reduce that number.

Why did you choose to partner with Victoria’s Secret?

Victoria’s Secret is synonymous with the bra industry at large. They are an iconic, global brand with more market share than any other intimate apparel company, and it is an honor to work with them. Securing such an aspirational partner as Victoria’s Secret not only heightens NetVirta’s credibility, but also signals to other brands that it’s time to adopt a fit solution that actually works. We’ve also been impressed with VS&Co’s commitment to inclusivity, which is a value we share.

Where can people find and use your solution?

Our Verifyt® app is free for anyone to use, simply download it and start scanning! For Victoria’s Secret, we actually integrated our tech natively into the VS app, so customers can complete their scan, receive their Victoria’s Secret size recommendation and shop all within the app. We’re constantly adding new brands to our list of clients, so stay tuned for more partnerships to come.

What other areas can your technology provide value for?

In addition to bras, our tech can provide value for really any hard-to-fit product category, especially where the return rate is particularly high. Footwear, ski boots, suits, jeans, and dresses are ideal products for us, to name just a few. We can also make the process for custom and made-to-measure clothing much faster and more precise, so those brands will benefit from the Verifyt® solution. We hope that this recent partnership with Victoria’s Secret shows other brands in the bra industry and beyond just how valuable our solution can be for their business.

Fit technologies have been around for a while. Why should brands choose you over competitors?

Fit technology isn’t a new concept, but 3D scanning as an approach to sizing is still relatively new. The incumbent approaches use cross-brand correlation and body database lookup to size customers, which is problematic because those rely on self-reporting or body matching. As soon as you introduce the possibility of human error into the equation, you’re losing valuable precision. There are other 3D scanning providers that have emerged recently, but quite frankly they just aren’t as accurate as we are. Not to mention our technology works with any average smartphone, so there’s no need to visit a scanning booth in person or own a special kind of phone. You can scan yourself from the comfort of your home in under a minute to receive an accurate size recommendation.


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