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In Pursuit of the Perfect Fit

Why Bra Sizing is So Tricky, and How 3D Scanning Can Help

Imagine this scenario: you're standing in a department store's lingerie section, surrounded by a sea of bras of various shapes and sizes. You pick up a few, eye the labels, and realize that even though you thought you knew your size, you're now drowning in a confusing world of options. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone – it's a frustratingly common experience for women all over the world. Bra sizing, it seems, is a universal puzzle that remains unsolved. But what if there was a solution? Enter Verifyt, the game-changing sizing solution that will revolutionize how women find the perfect fit.

Brands have been grappling with the bra sizing dilemma for years – as evidenced by a study showing that a staggering 80% of women wear the wrong size bra – but Verifyt's 3D scanning technology offers an exciting glimmer of hope. Before we dive into the solution, let's first unravel the technicalities of bra sizing to understand why existing methods are falling short.

Existing Bra Size Calculators Are Fundamentally Flawed

The standard equation for calculating cup size is as follows: [(Bust Measurement) – (Band Measurement) = Cup Size]. There is a problem with this approach. The bust measurement oversimplifies the relationship between breast shape + volume and the human back. It assumes the relationship is fixed when it is not. Women with large breasts can have small backs, while women with small breasts can have large backs. The bust measurement, being a simple 2D circumference measurement, neglects this variance, and as a result, women with identical bust measurements can be recommended the same cup size when they may actually require completely different sizes.

Another issue with bra size calculators is the size charts they are predicated upon. A size chart is a literal grid, with the y-axis and x-axis being cup and band sizes. It is possible, and in fact likely, that a woman’s cup and band measurements “fall” on the cusp between 2 cup sizes AND 2 band sizes. In other words, someone can be slotted into 4 different bra sizes depending on how accurately or inaccurately they are measured by a bra fitter – and we’re talking about fractions of an inch of error here. To overcome this problem, bra size calculators must account for breast shape and volume. These variables, which only 3D scanning technology can accurately capture, enable the bra size equation to be less reliant on bust and band, which lessens the need for the grid-like nature of the size chart. In fact, size charts as they exist today may soon become a thing of the past. Simply put, breast volume and shape add sophistication to bra size calculators, making them much more accurate.

An Imperfect Measuring Process

Even setting aside the fundamentally flawed bra sizing equation, the actual process for collecting bust and band measurements is far from perfect. The most common method involves using a soft measuring tape. This process is prone to error, even when conducted by experts – because bra fitters unwittingly (A) place their measuring tapes on slightly different landmarks on the body and (B) pull the measuring tape with varying compression (AKA tightness). This causes hand measurements to be unrepeatable, leading to inaccurate size recommendations.

This is where Verifyt scanning technology comes into play, eliminating human error and providing accurate, highly repeatable 3D measurements.

Customer Experience Matters

The typical bra sizing experience often leaves women feeling uncomfortable or dissatisfied. Getting measured in-store by a bra fitter who is a stranger can be awkward, while bra shopping online can feel overwhelming and confusing due to the multitude of sizing options. It's not uncommon for people to order multiple bra sizes when shopping online, hoping that one will fit.

Verifyt is a completely mobile sizing solution that anyone can access from the comfort of their home. All they need is their smartphone, and we don’t discriminate against older smartphones that lack the latest LiDAR technology. The Verifyt 3D scanning process is easy and intuitive, and takes less than 3 minutes to complete from start to finish. Our customer-friendly approach to sizing has garnered positive responses from women eager to embrace this technology. In fact, during a joint study we conducted with a large bra company, the women participating were eager to learn how soon Verifyt would be available at their favorite online shops. It’s clear that the fashion industry is ready for mobile 3D scanning technology – according to a Harris Poll, 78% of American consumers ages 18-44 would likely use smartphone 3D scanning app to find the correct apparel and footwear size when shopping online.

3D Problems Require 3D Solutions

Not only are customers eager to use 3D scanning for sizing, but brands – especially those in hard-to-fit product categories – are in dire need of this technology as well. As we’ve learned, intimates brands face a unique sizing challenge, since breast shape and volume are paramount in determining how a bra will fit. 2D measurements and sizing charts cannot account for differences in the shape of someone’s breasts, ribcage and back, which is why incumbent approaches haven’t solved the bra sizing dilemma. 3D scanning is the only approach that considers an individual's complete and unique body shape when determining size, making it the gold standard when it comes to bra sizing.

It’s important to keep in mind, however, that not all 3D scanning technologies are created equal – Verifyt stands out as an accurate, scalable, omni-channel solution. It is compatible with most smartphones and tablet devices, and can therefore be used at-home and instore, unlike other solutions that require expensive laser scanning booths. With a medical background and a solution derived from FDA-cleared technology, Verifyt's mobile 3D scanning app is also the most accurate on the market. It’s trusted by industry leaders like Victoria's Secret to reduce returns and boost customer confidence at checkout.

Future Innovation, Unlocked

Beyond solving the bra sizing dilemma in the short-term, Verifyt technology opens the door to countless possibilities for innovation in the long-term. It allows brands to leverage aggregated body data to create more inclusive products and cater to a more diverse customer base, including breast cancer survivors, people with disabilities, and those requiring extended or non-traditional sizes. Additionally, personalization around product discovery becomes a reality with such data, as brands can recommend bra styles based on individual breast shapes.

In the long and arduous quest for the perfect bra sizing solution, Verifyt's 3D scanning technology has finally emerged as a light at the end of the tunnel. It not only addresses current bra sizing woes, but also paves the way for a future where every woman can confidently find a bra that truly fits her unique body.

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